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MÄKELISMOS made history in Miami by becoming the first representative of Spain in the largest digital, physical and web3 art event in the world. Within the framework of the most relevant contemporary art fair, Art Basel, in Miami, The Gateway took place, an immersive macro gallery around 12 buildings in Downtown Miami, which became the first Web3 metropolis, and which housed some of the most important artists and brands in the tech and artistic world. MÄKELISMOS Brand, inspired by the works of the Mallorcan artist René Mäkelä, was one of the attractions of the event, in which artists such as Beeple, Dave Krugman, Oliver Allen, Guido Di Salle and Zoe Winters also exhibited, among other great references of digital art and physically worldwide.

the gateway makelismos brand

Thus, within the framework of the Art Basel Fair, NFT Now and Mana Common carefully selected those who, in their opinion, are the most relevant agents in these areas and who flooded the twelve buildings and two city blocks with creativity for five days. of the first Web3 metropolis that has been created in Miami.

Among that list of great references was MÄKELISMOS Brand, the Spanish brand that in a short time has positioned itself, through the art of René Mäkelä, as one of the main tech, art and fashion references. The successful strategy of combining the physical with the online has meant that Miami has looked to Spain to select it as the first firm in the country to enter through the front door of Miami creativity - Art Basel - The Gateway.

mana common makelismos

A short but successful career focused on the United States

After having launched several collections with the prestigious crypto gallery The Crypt Gallery, both in Los Angeles and New York, MÄKELISMOS came to The Gateway to present, not only their creations that sold out in a few hours, but also their latest releases . To reinforce its position as a leading company in offline and online art, it has also proposed the double strategy of exhibiting works by René Mäkelä in the Wynwood district, in addition to digital art/NFT's in The Gateway-Downtown. As if that were not enough, MÄKELISMOS used this global forum to present its new Web3 to its collectors

makelismos art basel
In the words of the artist René Mäkelä, “it is an honor to have been selected for this great artistic event and, therefore, we prepared numerous surprises, both in the form of a physical work of art and with exclusive fashion editions of our brand. This double value, which corresponds on our website with NFT's that unlock exclusive content, is essential for us to offer quality, creativity, exclusivity and design, combining the off and on worlds that offer the possibility of giving an extra digital life to each one. of my works on canvas. Soon there will be more surprises in the United States”
makelismos brand at art basel

The Gateway, the Web3 metropolis that brings together the greatest talent in the world per square meter

Mana Common, the group of companies owned by magnate Moishe Mana, who has revitalized the Wynwood neighborhood until it has become the artistic benchmark in the world, is now leading the reconstruction of Downtown Miami to position it as one of the technological hot areas in the world through hubs , facilities for startups, meetings, forums... and a multimillion-dollar investment to change the face and revitalize the city center. With The Gateway he took another step in this direction by making available up to 12 buildings measuring two blocks in length that were the epicenter of the world of digital art for five days. Together with Mana Common, NFT Now was in charge of creating that tech ecosystem around Art Basel that formed what they have called the “first Web3 metropolis” on the planet. This partnership has been in charge of selecting the most relevant companies and artists on the planet.

makelismos space at art basel

Thus, in addition to MÄKELISMOS at The Gateway , names such as Beeple, Ayla El -Moussa, Alpha Centauri Kid, Ash Thorp, Bryan Brinkman, Coldie, Daniel Arshman, Dave Krugman, Mad Dog Jones, Olive Allen, Sasha Stiles, Theverseverse or Zoe Winters, among other trendsetters of art, design and creativity. Porsche, Christie's, Instagram, Metamask, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Perrier and Art Blocks were, along with other powerful brands, some of those in charge of carrying out notable activations and sponsorships. All this around a paradise of art, technology, DJ's, brands, celebrities and creativity that make Miami the reference point for talent... and where MÄKELISMOS is already essential.

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