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The prestigious Porsche firm had only made two forays into the art world prior to the proposal they transferred to MÄKELISMOS. The first was around the figure of Warhol and the second delved into the universe of Lichtenstein. That the Spanish René Mäkelä was the third artist chosen by the brand to flood the brand with his MÄKELISMOS label is much more than an honor.

René Makela works Porsche

The starting point of all this action converges on the Porsche 911 model, a symbol of the German firm. From there, Porsche and MÄKELISMOS decided that a 1988 G-Model and a more current 992 would be operated by Mäkelä. With absolute freedom in the creation process. But the action didn't end there. The Mallorcan painter would also be in charge of creating four works that reflected what the signature means to him. René locked himself in his studio and the result was spectacular.

The first of the works, in oil on canvas, was the Porsche shield, one of the most iconic and recognizable elements in the world of sports cars. It has never been modified because the years go by and it continues to represent elegance, design and power. René did dare to reinterpret it through oils and acrylics, with fluorine colors that offer an energy and vertigo never before seen in one of the most exclusive shields in the world. Today, the large-format work presides over the home of one of the brand's highest managers who could not avoid the temptation of delighting in it every morning.

Porsche shield made by René Mäkelä

The second of the creations, Old Rockers never die , represents the 911 model itself as a timeless and eternal sports car and, through a style that mixes hyperrealism and urban art, you can almost hear the sound of the most rocking engine in history. history.

Steve McQueen, lover of risk and adrenaline, is the icon chosen by Mäkelä to, in King of cool, King of Porsche , mix elements of the most urban art with the classic image of the actor, passionate about Porsche, and tattooed with the elements of the brand universe. A unique look at the firm through the eyes of an actor with an intense life.

Steve MCQueen René Makela painting

Butzi Porsche was the one who created the Porsche 911, which he defined as “a formally harmonious product without ornaments.” This nod in oil on canvas by Mäkelä is also a baroque, realistic and urban tribute to a great visionary.

René Mäkelä paintings for Porsche

The official presentation of the works took place at the Porsche Ibérica dealership in Madrid, where numerous media came to delight in them and where they were accompanied by the two 'makelized' Porsche models. It was just the starting point of what became a unique traveling art exhibition that stopped at all the Porsche dealerships in Spain and Portugal for almost two years.

Art in motion in its purest form!

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